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Art & Photography Hostel, Budapest

While planning my time in Budapest, I knew that choosing the right hostel was a priority. Being  Budapest on top of the list of every backpacker traveling Europe, I was looking to run away from party hostels. Plus, I wanted to stay in the city center, so that I could walk everywhere.

I was dreaming of a well decorated modern hostel, with a chill environment that would allow me to have a good night sleep, so that I could wake-up early to go explore. When I bumped into Art & Photography Hostel, I knew I had to stay there.

Art & Photography Hostel, Budapest 

I arrived at Art & Photography Hostel after an entire day traveling inside a small van, as I left Serbia behind. I was ready for some Hungarian hospitality and overjoyed to be back in one of my favorite cities in the world. As soon as I opened the door I was more than pleased to be in this brand new hostel with a photography theme that immediately caught my attention.

The staff

I was welcomed by a super friendly staff, who helped me make the most out of my time in Budapest. This hostel has a 24h reception, which always makes me feel safe in case something goes wrong. Their staff team is amazing, young and easy going. Plus, they are locals, so if you want to know Budapest’s hidden gems, they will give you all this awesome tips.

The Location

Art & Photography Hostel is located on the Pest side of the city, at Rakoczi ter (square). There is a metro station just outside the hostel, that you can use to move fast around the city. Still, most of the attractions in Budapest are close to walk to. There’s also a huge market across the street from the hostel, where you can buy all sorts of fresh food, and a supermarket inside as well. I loved the location of this hostel, because it was really easy to move around the city from there, and everything I needed was close by.

My Room

Photo rights belong to Art & Photography Hostel

I stayed in a 6 bed mixed dorm, with a balcony that gave me a privilege view over the beautiful Rakoczi square, so I was head over heels with my room in a few seconds. The room was enormous, my bed was perfect and really comfortable. There was a little light on my bed’s wall that was great when I wanted to sit on the best and write in my journal at night. This room also had personal lockers to keep my belongings safe at all times.

I was lucky to have the room all to myself during my two nights stay. It is safe to say I slept like a baby, as if I had booked a private room. I really couldn’t have asked for more. And the balcony? All mine! With an adorable table and two little chairs, I bet this is the place to hang out during summer hot days.

Common Areas

Photo rights belong to Art & Photography Hostel

As soon as you walk inside this hostel, you have a beautiful wood reception and a brand new kitchen that you can use 24h. This new kitchen is well equipped with everything you need to cook your home meals, and it even has a dishwasher, so you don’t really have to wash your dishes by hand, you only need to put them in the dishwasher, meaning everything is always perfectly clean in the kitchen.

Photo rights belong to Art & Photography Hostel

The living room was for sure my favorite place in the entire hostel (after my room of course). It is beautifully decorated with a photography theme, it is huge and comfortable with sofas by the window, and several tables and chairs in the center. I loved how relaxed this area was, and how familiar it felt. It was almost like being at home.

Art & Photography Hostel has two shared bathrooms and two shower rooms, each with two showers. I liked that the toilets and showers weren’t in the same division, giving you more privacy while showering, without having people coming in and out to use the toilet. Plus, during my stay, both showers and toilets were perfectly clean.


Breakfast is served at 8h30 every morning, and there’s nothing better than still being sleepy and having a fresh breakfast ready for you, just outside your dorm. This breakfast was a self-service buffet, with bread, cereals, ham, cheese, butter, jams, milk, juice and coffee. I was really appreciated when, on my last day, the receptionist prepared me fresh coffee because he remembered how sleepy I was the day before, and how I kept saying I couldn’t really do anything without having coffee first. That’s how nice staff is at this hostel! And the best part is that breakfast is free!

Overall, my experience at Art & Photography Hostel was everything I could have asked for. I was alone in my dorm for the entire stay, which allowed me to actually get some writing done, and sleep like a baby after. The chilled and quiet environment was just what I was looking for, as I really wanted to stay away from party any party hostel. The staff took the time to talk to me, and the place was perfectly clean. I’m honestly happy to have stayed at this hostel and I’m sure once I get back to Budapest, I will love to stay here again. Maybe next time I will try their double room, which is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

Downsides: wifi in my room was very weak, which was unfortunate because I loved everything else.

**Thank you to Art & Photography Hostel for hosting my stay in Budapest. As always, all opinions are my own! 

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