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Italy has been my obsession for almost two years now! I had been in love with the food, the people, the colors and narrow streets, the yelling in the street and the noisy and chaotic traffic. Everything about this country seemed to make me feel at home and exploring a new city would feel like I had been there all my life. So, when I decided to plan a new trip to Europe, I had no doubts I was going to start my new adventure in this beautiful country.


I had been to Pisa before and had no plans to return, really. It was a pretty little town that in my mind was way more than just the touristic Leaning Tower, but I felt I had seen it all. Still, when I found a flight to Paris for 20€ and from there to Pisa for as little as 10€ I went bananas over it and bought the tickets right away. 


Being back in Pisa allowed me to stay close to THE place I actually was dying to visit, The Cinque Terre, and from only a train ride away, I could finally make a dream come true and explore the five little fishing towns that had been in my mind and heart for so long.


After only three hours of sleep, one flight to Paris, a three hours layover and another flight to Pisa, being hugged by a very strange man who was helping people buy the tickets for the bus, who told me I was beautiful as he squeezed my cheeksby the time I reached my hostel I was done for the day. Still, I managed to drop my bags, get some Winter clothes – I’d come from a 30ºC weather to land in a 7ºC one -, and gain the strength to explore Pisa for about three hours. I got myself some very needed pizza slice, I got lost more times than I can count, and I was back to the hostel in no time, exhausted and just happy to have a bed to sleep.



That night I slept 10h in a row and I was a new person by the time I woke up. I got out of the hostel excited to finally catch the train to my dream place, got myself a typical Italian breakfast with a cappuccino and a honey brioche, and at 11am I was on my train to The Cinque Terre.


Pisa was more a means to an end kind of stay. My goal was never to see the Leaning Tower again, no matter how creepy it is to see a tower leaning sideways, and I think one time in my life was enough, but fate got me back to this place, so I figured since I was there might as well enjoy the place and get lost in it. In fact, even being super tired, I do believe Pisa was a great place to start my one month trip in Europe. If it wasn’t for the bad chilly weather of course.


I stayed at Pisa Hostel because of its close location to the train station, and because the bus coming from the airport actually stopped in front of the hostel which was perfect when I arrived exhausted and I didn’t want to walk around Pisa carrying my backpacks. My stay was ok, but wifi didn’t work in the room (EVER), and the common area downstairs was a party place with loud music and people, which didn’t gave me much comfort when I just wanted to upload my photos. If you don’t feel like having wifi in the room matter, and paying 18€ a night for you is an ok price, staying at Pisa Hostel might be a good fit for you.  I just thought 18€ a night for what they were offering was way too much and I don’t think I would pay all that to stay here again.

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