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Last year I quit my job, bought a one way ticket to Rome and went backpacking Europe alone for three months. Before going everyone’s question was about whether I was scared and why I was doing it. After returning alive, for the surprise of many, the big question was “how much did you spend?”, to which my response would be the shock to all who were curious: 2000€
Austria, Europe

Just an hour away by train from Bratislava, Slovakia, Vienna shocked me the second I arrived at the train station. The differences from Bratislava were as gigantic as anyone can try to imagine, and for some reason Vienna scared me. I was starting to fall in love with small places, and Vienna was HUGE, like so enormous that trying to walk an entire avenue would take you at least half an hour or more.

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Austria, Europe, Poland, Slovakia

After going back to Vienna (looking back it might have been a mistake, but I decided to roll with my gut and I really felt like going back at the time), I had the impossible mission of getting out of Vienna in a cheap way and get my ass to Poland. You know, I mean impossible because it’s Vienna we’re talking about, and this city loves expensive, it’s Vienna’s favorite word!

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