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Choosing your accommodation can be hard. There are, usually, too many options with similar ratings and prices, and picking the right place can be overwhelming. The hostel you choose will define part of your feeling for the city you’re visiting. If you are heading to Sarajevo, Bosnia, and you’re looking for a modern hostel, in the city center and with prices between 10-15โ‚ฌ, Hostel Massimo might be your place.

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I’ve never been the luckiest traveler out there, and the first time I backpacked alone was also the time I realized my travels would never be as easy as other travel bloggers paint it to be. During my travels, until last year, I had twisted ankles, lost buses and trains, gotten ripped-off, had my bank cancelling a card with all my money, had my credit card and ID stolen at a party hostel, had almost slept in the streets and so on. Life had not been easy. Still, this time around I thought maybe all the bad stuff happened because I was a newbie at the traveling thing. This time I knew what to expect and everything was going to be smooth, right? WRONG!

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