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Last year I quit my job, bought a one way ticket to Rome and went backpacking Europe alone for three months. Before going everyone’s question was about whether I was scared and why I was doing it. After returning alive, for the surprise of many, the big question was “how much did you spend?”, to which my response would be the shock to all who were curious: 2000€
Europe, Hungary, Inspiration

I’ve never been the kind of person who believes in fate and all that comes with it. I believe that each one of us make choices that leads us somewhere. I don’t think there’s someone who makes things happen for you. You decide your fate by a constant decision making process. Saying that, I may have changed my mind about this, while I backpacked Europe for 3 months alone. I’m still deciding whether life has a funny way of getting clues on your way, and that if you keep an open mind and your eyes open, these are the kind of things that will help you get what you want,or maybe life is just full of amazing coincides.
Europe, Hungary

BUDAPEST » 9-13 March (4 nights)

Oh Budapest, you were not easy to get to! It only took me an entire day to reach you, after getting three trains and two buses, being taken from one to another, and having to walk the in the train rails like a clandestine, but sure, you were totally worth the trouble. And I made some friends because of the mess you put me into, so thanks!

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