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Tourism has been growing fast in Serbia over the past few years. A country that was once avoided and seen with bad eyes, is nowadays being visited by more and more people every year, turning Belgrade into a must see city in Europe. With its young and modern vibe, and cheap prices for accommodation and food, backpackers have their minds in Belgrade. For this, the number of hostels in the city has grown and Belgrade now offers dozens of different hostels with fantastic cheap prices, that can be overwhelming when trying to choose where to spend your stay. I’m here to tell you about HostelChe Hostel and make your life easier when it comes to decide where to stay.

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Europe, Serbia

Between the six countries I visited in 2016, Serbia was the one that scared me the most. I had spent ten days in Bosnia, getting all sorts of information about the Bosnian/Serbian war. I watched more documentaries than I could count. Maybe it was because I loved Bosnia so much, but there was a part of me that seemed to blame Serbia for the atrocities of the war. Or maybe any country would have a hard time competing for my love, after Bosnia. All I know is that Belgrade was not what I expected, and I left disappointed.

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