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Review: Mostar Downtown Hostel


I’m writing this post as I sit in my new home in Lisbon and all I can think is that if I could be back to only one country right this second, it would be Bosnia, hands down!

My journey from Split to Mostar was weird and exhausting, so when I was dropped at the bus station I was feeling pretty lost and had no idea what the hell I was doing. By the time I reached my hostel I fell madly in love with the place. You know that feeling of finally arriving at your accommodation and realizing it looks even better than in photos? When you are right where you should be? Mostar Downtown Hostel will make you feel just that way.

This map is on the wall of the hostel and it has all the places to visit in Mostar <3

From the bus station, this hostel is just a twenty minute walk, and there’s no way you can get lost because all you have to do is walk the main street. And if being easy to reach the bus/train station wasn’t enough, getting to the Old Town, where you have the Old Bridge and all restaurants and shops, is even closer, taking you about two minutes walking! Seriously I don’t think the location could have been any better and I was happily surprise about pretty much everything at Mostar Downtown Hostel.

All the information you need is at the reception, or you can just ask Sonja for help and she will show you the best of the best in Mostar!

I was greeted by the owner, Sonja, and her mother and I felt like I was family from the very first second. They showed me around and seemed truly concerned about my well being the entire time, making sure I wouldn’t be cold during the night and simply treating me with kindness.

Mostar Downtown Hostel is a small hostel with only a few dorms, which makes it perfect for me, as I don’t enjoy messy hostels with huge crowds, making my stay quite perfect and calm. The hostel has two floors: on the first floor you have an outdoor patio, with a little table and bench, and even a plug if you want to use your computer outside. You also have two bathrooms with showers, a common kitchen with free Bosnian tea and coffee, and a huge garden that during the summer must be the place to be. On the second floor right on top of the stairs there’s a computer that you can use, as well as two dorms and a little terrace. 


I stayed at a four bed dorm and as soon as I saw my room and bed I was in love. Maybe the fact it had the same exact sheets as I have at home helped me feel at home. All rooms have personal lockers (you are given a key when you check-in) and a plug next to each bed. The rooms are simple but very well decorated and everything smell new and like the place is treated with care.

Another thing I really loved was the fact you have two different wifi, for ground and first floor, meaning you have perfect wifi connection wherever you are in the hostel, even if you are sitting outside in the patio or garden.

Sonja and her mother really are incredible people who will go the extra mile to give you the best stay possible. From making me Bosnian coffee every morning, teaching me new Bosnian words every day, helping me on where to eat and how to reach each place. They are very present during the day and night, which is perfect every time you need something.

I was suppose to stay at a second hostel in Mostar, but by the time I got there the hostel was closed and I had to decide where I was going to stay for the next three nights. There were a lot of other hostels in town, all with very similar prices, so I could have gone to a different hostel, but I loved Mostar Downtown so bad that I didn’t want to go anywhere else, so I ended up staying six nights at this hostel and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

When it was time to leave Mostar, Sonja got me a ride to Sarajevo, in which I got a car picking me up at her hostel and dropping me at the door of my hostel in Sarajevo, for only 12,5€ which was a fantastic deal, and way more comfortable than having to carry my backpacks all the way to the bus station in Mostar, and saving the time I would be lost in Sarajevo on arrival.
Leaving Mostar was really hard, and if I could I would have stayed another week at Mostar Downtown Hostel and I know I would love it. So, I’m making a promise that when I return to Mostar I will for sure stay with Sonja and her mother again, and hopefully I will learn a few more Bosnian words!

Downsides: I wish there was a common area rather than the kitchen. You have a huge garden and a patio (both absolutely perfect for the summer) with places to sit and hang out, but when it gets cold and you want to stay inside, you either go to the kitchen or to the room.


**A huge and special thank you to Sonja and her mum for hosting my stay at Mostar Downtown Hostel. I’ll be back! As always, all opinions are my own! 

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