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Perugia: The fairytale land of Umbria


Perugia is an immediate likable little town and it’s incredible how such a small place can have it all. It will make you travel in time with its shadowy cornered streets, arched stairways and alive Piazzas.
From the moment I arrived, people were gentle and kind as they helped me find my way to the hostel, and by then I knew two nights here wouldn’t be enough and I could already feel the bittersweet goodbye.

This small medieval city is for sure my favorite so far. I don’t think I’ve ever said the phrase “Oh my God” as often as I did here!
Even exhausted after a 5h bus drive from the chaotic Naples, I got my backpacks down at the hostel and went exploring for the rest of the afternoon. I felt so lucky this time, or maybe I’m just getting better at this travelling thing, because my hostel was exactly in the center of Perugia, literally one street behind the main square, which allowed me to stay out later and not have to get any bus or metro anywhere.
I walked all the way threw my exploring time and it felt amazing.


There’s an inclined elevator that gets you to the historic center with the most amazing view of the Umbrian vineyards, so make sure you hop on it because it’s free and mind blowing! And the best thing to do in Perugia? Walk around an get totally lost! Ain’t no better way of enjoy Perugia than that! You don’t even need a map – I bought one but that’s because I tend to get lost way too much and it gets hard to find my way back -, all you need is a spirit of adventure and off you go. And don’t worry about not finding your way to the main square, because you’ll find it just fine. All you need is a bit of common sense, and have some kind of direction – like if you remember coming down, just make sure at some point you go all the way back up.


So, if you happen to be somewhere in Italy and Perugia may not be in your plans, make sure to include it,even if just as a day trip, I promise it will be a day well  spent and that Perugia will be a giant and pleasant surprise, and by the end of the day, you’ll be sad you have to leave and you’ll be eager to come back.
Not convinced yet? Scroll down the photos and I’m sure that’s all the convincing you need.

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