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Castle Hostel 1004 review – Bled, Slovenia


Most people only travel to Bled as a day trip from Ljubljana, but I knew I would fall in love with this place, so I decided to spend two nights there so I could make the most out of the Lake and all its surroundings and hiking trails.

So, if I was spending two nights in this amazing place, I wanted to stay at the best hostel in town, and that’s when I found Castle Hostel 1004, and I knew I had to stay there!img_0789

After going just up the street of the bus station, less than two minutes walking, I arrived at the peculiar reception and was welcomed by the wonderful Miha, who kept offering me things, a bracelet saying ‘Castle Hostel 1004…sleep with me’ that gives you discounts on several food & drink places around Bled, as well as two coupons offering me a free toast per each day I stayed with them. At some point I laughed saying “stop offering me things!!” because it was just that warm of a welcome.

The entire hostel was actually even better than I hoped for and after a tour around the hostel, I went to my room where I was alone at first. I got to choose my bed, so obviously I went for the bottom bed. I stayed in a 4 bed mix dorm and the view from my window was actually the terrace of the hostel. Lucky, ahm?


The hostel has mixed dorms of 4, 6, 8 and 12 beds and two bed privates as well. This really depends on your taste when it comes to how much you want to pay and on how many people you are willing to share the dorm with. If the difference between dorms is not that big, I normally go for smaller dorms, because I like to have some privacy and I like my quiet time, specially at night. So, if you are staying at Castle Hostel  1004, I would tell you to go for the 4 bed mix dorm, the one I got, the room has lots of space, it’s much more quiet and less messy than in bigger dorms, and you get the view to the terrace which, all together,  is well worth paying 3€ more per night.

After exploring the entire day, walking around the entire lake and doing some hiking, I wanted nothing more than to come back to my comfortable hostel, have a long hot shower and work on the blog. Now, I think this happened because I’m a very small girl, because the light in the shower was activated by movement and while I was showering I kept staying in the dark, having to open the shower door and waving my arm to activate the light again. No harm done, just a pretty funny moment!

Photo rights belong to Castle Hostel 1004

Castle Hostel 1004 is just perfect in every way, comfortable rooms and common areas, clean and with a great young vibe if you want to make easy friends from all over the world. Still, as a travel blogger I always travel with a routine, being that during the day I explore and by night I work on the blog. Because of this I am sad to admit the wifi didn’t work in my dorm and by night the common area gets crowded with people having fun and partying, which meant I had no place to work, and it was a shame because the wifi connection in the common area was perfect! For this reason I liked that guests are required to keep silence after 10pm. Still, if you are just a traveler/backpacker and you don’t rely on wifi and quiet areas to work, this hostel is absolutely perfect and you are bound the have an amazing time here. And making friends here is as easy as saying the first hello! I even had a girl selling her ticket back to Ljubljana for half the price, such a great deal!

On my first night I had a really bad night sleep, but only because there was a snoring guy sharing the bunk with me and at 3am I was still wandering around the hostel dying to close my eyes and take some deserved beauty sleep. If you wish all snoring people would be stuck in the same dorm put your hands up! The next morning I ran into Miha and told him I had barely slept, and he was the sweetest and immediately asked if I wanted to change rooms, saying he tried to give me the smallest dorm so I could be more comfortable. I loved his kindness but said I loved my room (really did love that room, honestly!), and the snoring guy had already left so I was just fine in my comfy room with the terrace view.

Photo rights belong to Castle Hostel 1004

Using the kitchen by dinner time was a pretty fun time too. This was the busiest hostel kitchen I had ever been and everyone was just cooking their stuff as we kept saying ‘sorry’ and ‘excuse me’. The funniest part for me was that everyone was looking like they knew exactly what they were doing and I could see the disappointed faces when the final dish was ready. The kitchen is fully equipped with all you need to cook your meals, they give you labels to write your name on your food, they have a can cracker which was hilarious and the best thing for me was a fridge with only free food that sometimes came in handy and it was great when I had to check-out but couldn’t bring the food with me, so I just left it there for someone else to eat it and that way it wouldn’t go to waste.

Bled is a pretty small place, but this hostel, for me, had the best possible location, less than two minutes walking to/from the bus station, one minute up the street to reach a supermarket, two minutes going down to the lake, little cafes and restaurants close by, and I loved that they rent bikes to explore the lake. An advice from someone who walked around the entire lake, rent the bike! So many bikes passing by me and it just looked so way more fun and you get to see a lot more in less time!


By the time I left Bled I was sad to leave, but happy I had made the decision to stay at Castle Hostel 1004, because I really do think this is the best hostel you can stay in Bled, from the facilities, the other travelers who stay here and specially for the fantastic staff who will make you feel so welcome, comfortable and at home. If one day I got back to Bled (I have to because I did not make it to Lake Bohinj or Vintgar Gorge – I’m the worst!), I will most definitely stay in this same hostel again, and if you want the full Bled experience you should do the same. If you want to book with Castle Hostel 1004, go to their website and make the reservation directly with them on their website. Just click on the link!


**Thank you to Castle Hostel 1004 for hosting my stay. All opinions are entirely my own!

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