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Review: Hostel Massimo – Sarajevo, Bosnia

Choosing your accommodation can be hard. There are, usually, too many options with similar ratings and prices, and picking the right place can be overwhelming. The hostel you choose will define part of your feeling for the city you’re visiting. If you are heading to Sarajevo, Bosnia, and you’re looking for a modern hostel, in the city center and with prices between 10-15€, Hostel Massimo might be your place.

Hostel Massimo

I was greeted by a very kind staff, in a common area that screamed modern and almost smelling brand new. If I was already impressed by the lounge, the biggest surprise was when I entered my room. I stayed in a 6-bed mix dorm, and was the luckiest girl this time by having the room all to myself during my entire stay. My room was clean, modern, the bed was big and super comfy and there was a little light on the wall as well as two plugs, and you have a lot of lockers of different sizes to choose from. Plus, I was given two different wifi that worked perfectly in the room and common area downstairs. There was a tv, heating and a huge private bathroom with a tub. I never stayed at a hostel with a tub, so you can imagine how excited I was about this and how I got some chill-out time in there after long days of exploring. What more could a girl want?

Hostel Massimo had the perfect location, only 200 meters from the Old Town. Just across the street you can find a street market as well as a supermarket, cross another one and you enter the sightseeing part of town, with really cool and cheap restaurants, being my favorite ‘Chipas’  where I would go out to eat for 3-4€ a meal. All thanks to the staff of the hostel who gave me this amazing tip.

Another plus to Hostel Massimo is the included breakfast. Every morning you go down the reception, order breakfast at no extra cost, sit on the pretty pink and grey lounge, and you’ll be brought a tray with four slices of bread, some butter and jam, and you can choose coffee or tea to go with it.

Hostel Massimo is not the typical party, loud kind of hostel. I felt it was more of a hotel that offers cheaper accommodation in shared facilities, and I couldn’t be happier for that. My stay was very quiet and comfortable, just the way I wanted it to be. I also enjoyed taking the time to talk to the staff working at the reception, since they were there 24h. They were always patient and helpful, giving me tips for food and what to see, offering me tea when I was feeling sick, and even booking my transfer to Belgrade when I was having a hard time doing it myself.

Downsides: I wish the breakfast was a little more complete, or that the bread was toasted. They gave me a plastic knife, so every morning it would break while I was trying to spread the butter on the bread.

Apartmani Massimo

During my stay, I was invited by the manager to visit another accommodation in the city, and I’m so happy I accepted. Just 10-15 minutes walking from the old town, you will find the four stars Apartmani Massimo, a beautiful modern building offering accommodation in fantastic brand new apartments, at good rates, starting at 40€ a night for a studio and 50€ for a 1 bedroom apartment.

The apartments are incredibly well decorated with small well equipped kitchens, bathroom, rooms with king size beds and lots of space to move around. The best of all, for me, were the giant sofas, having gain a special crush for the 1 bedroom apartment that had a huge pink sofa in the living room. After seeing that apartment I was ready to move in forever.

I thought Apartmani Massimo was fabulous and I actually wish I had stayed there too. It looked like the perfect place for all kinds of travelers, solo, couples, friends and even families. And from prices starting at 40€, I believe they are offering a good deal if you consider you’ll be staying at a brand new apartment, safe, beautifully decorated and offering you just what you need to relax after a day getting to know Sarajevo.

Downsides: I thought the location was good, but if I had to choose an accommodation I think I would try to find something closer to the old town. Also, since Bosnia is known for being cheap, I think that maybe 40€ is a stretch and expensive when you compare to other private accommodations in the city, that start at 20€.

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Thank you to Hostel Massimo for hosting my stay in Sarajevo. As always, all opinions are my own!

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