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Hostel Tresor review – Ljubljana, Slovenia


If I could only choose one hostel of all the 30+ I stayed at, Hostel Tresor would definitely be it! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a hostel, just running around all the four floors of the building trying to discover cute rooms, that are pretty much everywhere you turn. The second I laid eyes on my room, I knew I would love this place.

I arrived in Ljubljana from Lake Bled. I was head over heels! I had this amazing bus ride and I was truly happy to be back in Slovenia. There’s just so much green! When I turned to the street where Hostel Tresor was, I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was for sure the best located hostel I’d ever stayed at! The door next to the hostel was a supermarket, next to it there was McDonalds, bakeries, cafes, kebabs, clothe stores, EVERYTHING! Walking from the train/bus station took me less than 10 minutes, and getting to the center? What are you talking about? If you stay at Hostel Tresor you will be in the center! Ok, ok, but you want to know the ‘touristic’ stuff are, right? Well, walk one minute (really one minute because I am a slowest walking person ever!) and you are at the Three Bridges. How can you ask for a better location than this? You can’t! There isn’t! Oh, and how about the fact this hostel used to be a bank? Coolest place ever!


When you open the door of the hostel things just keep getting better. You are already in a wow state because you just realized you won’t have to walk that much to reach everything in the city, and then you look inside only to realize the reception is the coolest place of the entire hostel! Besides having a reception with the nicest staff ever, they also have a bar with all sorts of drinks, and the best coffee and milk ever (they even taught me that if I wanted a ‘cappuccino’ in Slovenia I needed to ask for coffee and milk. Winning points!!!) , and with the bar comes a common area with little cute tables and colorful seats that was PERFECT for me to get some work done! And the wifi is PERFECT in the entire hostel!


I’m pretty sure my love for this hostels is due to two pretty basic things: the wall of my room was pink, and I just love pink so much it became an instant fairytale land to me, and the facilities of the hostel are insane. The hostel is four floors high, all beautifully decorated, they even give you magnetic cards to open the door (hello fancy life!) and the place was just perfect in every way.

I stayed in a 6 bed mixed dorm and it was the perfect room. Opening the window I got a view to the hostel’s street, and I could just see the city’s life rolling from the window, plus I had a bonus view to Ljubljana’s Castle! I also loved that everyday there was a girl singing and playing with her father right in front of the hostel, and at night there was even a band playing in the street and that was just the coolest thing ever! Free concert anyone? I’m in! I even told the receptionist ‘Oh my God, you have everything! I love this place!“, and I wasn’t lying. The entire experience was more than fantastic and the only bad thing was that I only stayed two nights and had to leave this hostel. If I ever go back to Ljubljana I will with no doubt stay at Hostel Tresor again!

If you want to see more on the insane facilities of this place, watch the video I made for them below!

Seriously, I don’t know how it can be any doubts on where to stay in Ljubljana, because Hostel Tresor is the perfect place for everyone, all ages, all types of travelers in my opinion, so what are you waiting for to book with them? If you are heading to Ljubljana, I highly recommend you stay here as I do believe this is the best hostel accommodation in town! If you want to book, just click on the link and book directly at their website! Or click HERE!

**Thank you to Hostel Tresor for hosting my stay. As always, all opinions are my own!

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