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Review: Sax Hostel – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Just last year, while traveling for three months, I got my first taste of Slovenia by spending three nights in Ljubljana. Falling in love with the city, the country and the people, I knew I would be back as soon as I got the chance.So, this time, while planning a month trip to a few countries in Europe, Slovenia was on top of my list of places to return, and I ended up spending four nights in Ljubljana. I stayed at two hostels, spending two nights at Sax Hostel to end my time in a country that is so close to my heart.


Choosing a hostel in Ljubljana can be hard, as there are so many great hostels, all with similar prices and with great locations. Still, Sax Hostel seemed like a cool and really young hostel, with a really hipster decoration based on saxophone music and with really live colors.

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Walking about 1km from the city center, I got to Sax Hostel, walked inside the pub that is right in front of it, and I was ready to check-in. Yup, in order to check-in from a certain time of the day, you have to go to the bar! Ah! The girl at the bar/receptionist was really nice, but I saw on her face that something was wrong when she asked me if I had a reservation. She took me inside the hostel and told me they didn’t have my reservation, but there was no reason to worry because they had beds available. I guess traveling during low season comes with some perks!

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The girl immediately called the owner to solve the situation, being really nice about the entire situation. She hangs up the phone and tells me that they simply forgot to change the dates after I emailed them. Then she tells me that the hostel is actually closing the next day, but the owner, Stasa, would arrange my accommodation in another hostel. Oh boy…can I worry now? Not necessary! The next morning Stasa would solve all my problems by letting me stay at the hostel, even being closed to everybody else. How cool is that? I actually stayed at a closed hostel and got to feel special for a day!

Photo rights belong to Sax Hostel

I stayed in a 4 bed mixed dorm, having the room all to myself for a few hours, until I had to share it with a much older guy that scared me when entering the room at 1am, and I ended up spending my first night sleeping on the hostel’s sofa. I have a perfect image in my head of Stasa arriving to the hostel in morning and finding me sleeping down the hall. Talk about embarrassing! Still, Stasa being the incredible lady that I know she is, listened to my crazy story and the reason I didn’t sleep in the room and she made sure I was happy at her hostel.
The room had two single beds and a bunk bed, all with individual plugs, personal lockers to which you are given a key on arrival, and being Slovenia really cold in the Winter, specially at night, I really appreciated the heat in the room. My bed was really comfortable and the wifi worked perfectly in the room, as well as in every common area, the entire time which was another plus to this hostel.

Sax Hostel is a pretty small hostel, which sometimes makes you feel comfortable and closer to home. It has at least three rooms downstairs, where you also have bathrooms and showers, as well as the entrance that serves as common room, with sofas, computers and all the information you need to get to know the city. Upstairs there’s an extra bathroom, a small kitchen where you have free coffee and tea (bonus!) and then about two or three more rooms. I got a glimpse of the mixed dorm with about 10 beds, and usually I don’t go for the bigger dorms, but DAMN this dorm was awesome! It’s all single beds in a room that looks like an attic with high ceiling and honestly I would trade my 4 bed dorm for that one in no time. To top everything, like I said in the beginning, there’s a pub right next to the hostel, so if you’re feeling a bit lazy this can be a major bonus to your stay.

So, if you are looking for a really cool themed hostel in Ljubljana, with a relaxed environment and you don’t really mind about having to walk ten or fifteen minutes to the city center, Sax Hostel might just be the place for you.
Downsides: If the doors of the dorms could be locked I would’ve felt safer. I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea that anyone could come into the room at anytime.

**A huge and special thank you to Stasa  for hosting my stay at Sax Hostel! As always, all opinions are my own! 

If you want to book your stay at Sax Hostel, in Ljubljana, click HERE!

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