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Solo Backpacking Europe in 80 days: Hungary

BUDAPEST » 9-13 March (4 nights)

Oh Budapest, you were not easy to get to! It only took me an entire day to reach you, after getting three trains and two buses, being taken from one to another, and having to walk the in the train rails like a clandestine, but sure, you were totally worth the trouble. And I made some friends because of the mess you put me into, so thanks!

From the moment I paid 20€ for four nights with breakfast (an AMAZING one by the way!) I was delighted! I was sure I had found the chepeast place ever and it was awesome.
In Budapest I decided thatI wasn’t forced to see the places that everybody that goes to Budapest sees. So yep, I didn’t see the Parliament (yes, really), and maybe I didn’t explore the city in great deepth, but while I was there I was a happy girl. I just think it’s about what you feel like doing in the moment, and not about visiting all the stuff that come in the books (still, sometimes my Lonely Planet books are priceless!). So there you go, didn’t see the Parliament. Bad, bad me!

In Budapest I ruled my days by feelings, I went to the market instead of the Parliament, I went up a Hill instead of searching for the Jewish parts of the city, I ate bad food, I went to have dinner at a restaurant by myself wich felt great, I got lost, and I got lost again, because I suck at maps, and that’s just how I roll. I discovered that having a girl that snores, sleeping right next to you, is way worse than a snoring guy, because girls are even louder – if that’s possible! And I met a couple of people that on one side made me realize that travelling alone is great, and others that called me brave, and that pushed me to go all the way to the end, meaning until I ran out of money. Sometimes all it takes is one hour talking and getting to know someone knew, to change the way you see things, and I can tell you there is a big, big feeling of being proud of yourself when someone says goodbye to you by adding:
” Don’t think so less of yourself. Give yourself some credit, what you’re doing is amazing”

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