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Solo Backpacking Europe in 80 days: Slovenia

LJUBLJANA » 3-6 March (3 nights)

On my bus from Italy to Slovenia, I realized that was the moment I was going to see what I was made of. I had been for a month in Italy, where I was already comfortable with the language, the people and the means of transportation from one place to another. And in a last minute call, instead of getting a flight to Poland, like I had planned to do, I decided to get myself on a bus to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

This got my mother freaking out, and well…me too! I was going to arrived in Ljubljana by night, which made me feel uncomfortable and scared, but I got out of that bus fighting fear, telling myself I needed to be strong and that I could do it, and with a fearless face I went to find my hostel. Truth to be told, I was perfectly safe and there was no reason to be afraid at all, but sometimes your mind likes to play some tricks on you, and lets face it…arriving to a new country by night all alone is scary as hell!

In Ljubljana I arrived at my hostel after a ten minutes walk, only to realize there was NOBODY there. They didn’t have a 24h reception, which got me crying and FREAKING OUT….what the hell was I going to do? Was I going to sleep in the middle of the street in a country I didn’t even know and where I knew nobody? The thought of “Oh my God, I’m so going to die!” pass throw my mind about a million times. After one hour standing at the door, a girl came by. I was crying and asked for help, and thats when she told me she was the receptionist and she had seen my message of me coming at night, and she was there to check me in! OH MY GOD!! RELIEF!

In Ljubljana I was, once again, unlucky with the weather. I had plans to take a day trip to Lake Bled, but with grey skies I ended up just staying in the capital. I was a little sad, but Ljubljana had so much to offer me that I had no reasons to complain. Wandering the streets of Ljubljana, I realized that my fears were ridiculous. It was a calm city, with lots to explore and a Hill to climb all the way up the castle. It made me feel brave, and I understood that I could do anything I wanted. It was trip, a once in a lifetime experience, and I was not going to stop until the lack of money would force me to get a flight back home.

Slovenia was all about testing myself and what I was capable to endure or not. It was about understanding that different doesn’t mean bad, that change is good because it challanges you to be better, to keep pushing and to don’t show your weeknesses.
I visited Ljubljana not knowing much about the city or the country. I had only seen photos and knew I had to go there, but I lacked information, and for the three days I wished I had a lonely planet book, like the one I have from Italy. Still, the city is pretty small and you don’t really need a guide for it. The major sites are The Triple Bridge, The Dragon Bridge, and the castle that’s will lead you up a Hill with a great view over the city.


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