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It was after midnight when we arrived at our hostel next to a sex shop, in what was very clear a party area. Quite perfect for a party hostel location if you ask me. We made our check-in at the reception, which by the way was a bar. Yes, a bar! On the way to our room a girl was drunk and lost on the hallway and looked out of a scary movie. Continue Reading

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I’ve never been the kind of person who believes in fate and all that comes with it. I believe that each one of us make choices that leads us somewhere. I don’t think there’s someone who makes things happen for you. You decide your fate by a constant decision making process. Saying that, I may have changed my mind about this, while I backpacked Europe for 3 months alone. I’m still deciding whether life has a funny way of getting clues on your way, and that if you keep an open mind and your eyes open, these are the kind of things that will help you get what you want,or maybe life is just full of amazing coincides.
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