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Imagine spending an entire week in the city you’ve dreamed about for years. Imagine having an amazing time, feeling in love with this incredible place, and as a souvenir for loving it so much, you end up taking some bedbugs with you. This is not one of those happily ever after stories, in which you make a dream come true by visiting a place that was right on top of your bucket list and you leave with a full heart. This is a story that shows the importance of your accommodation, and why sometimes, just sometimes, booking the cheapest hostel to save money is the worst thing you can do.

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 In 2015 I discovered that there’s nothing I love more than travel to new places and take as many adventures as I can across the globe. Still, no matter how much planning you take into it, travel likes to kick you in the butt sometimes, and things won’t always be as smooth as you predicted.

Here are my 15 worst moments of 2015.

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