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When it comes to choosing the right hostel, things can get confusing and overwhelming with the amount of choices you have. Most people choose a hostel based on the lowest price, not really thinking about the importance of where they stay. Staying at the right hostel matters and if you are willing to pay a little more, you will not only have a great accommodation, but an experience to remember.

So, I decided to do a series of posts from the top 5 hostels in cities I’ve visited, based on best ratings, facilities, location and prices.

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Tourism has been growing fast in Serbia over the past few years. A country that was once avoided and seen with bad eyes, is nowadays being visited by more and more people every year, turning Belgrade into a must see city in Europe. With its young and modern vibe, and cheap prices for accommodation and food, backpackers have their minds in Belgrade. For this, the number of hostels in the city has grown and Belgrade now offers dozens of different hostels with fantastic cheap prices, that can be overwhelming when trying to choose where to spend your stay. I’m here to tell you about HostelChe Hostel and make your life easier when it comes to decide where to stay.

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Choosing your accommodation can be hard. There are, usually, too many options with similar ratings and prices, and picking the right place can be overwhelming. The hostel you choose will define part of your feeling for the city you’re visiting. If you are heading to Sarajevo, Bosnia, and you’re looking for a modern hostel, in the city center and with prices between 10-15€, Hostel Massimo might be your place.

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Last year I stayed at a hostel for the first time while backpacking Europe alone for three months. I had no idea what to expect, but if you take one or two really crappy hostels I stayed at, I fell in love with the hostel experience. I loved how I could stay in these amazing places for as little as 5€ and I would even wake up to breakfast right at the common area without having to take off my pajamas. I loved how it didn’t feel awkward to share a room with ten other people. I loved how I could just make a new friend by saying hello or good morning from my own bed.

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Italy has been my obsession for almost two years now! I had been in love with the food, the people, the colors and narrow streets, the yelling in the street and the noisy and chaotic traffic. Everything about this country seemed to make me feel at home and exploring a new city would feel like I had been there all my life. So, when I decided to plan a new trip to Europe, I had no doubts I was going to start my new adventure in this beautiful country.

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