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Lost Around the World was just nominated for the Liebster Award, and I am feeling over the moon with this. After so much hard work, so much time trying to figure out how things work and how to reach more people, finally this blog gets recognition.

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Europe, Serbia

Between the six countries I visited in 2016, Serbia was the one that scared me the most. I had spent ten days in Bosnia, getting all sorts of information about the Bosnian/Serbian war. I watched more documentaries than I could count. Maybe it was because I loved Bosnia so much, but there was a part of me that seemed to blame Serbia for the atrocities of the war. Or maybe any country would have a hard time competing for my love, after Bosnia. All I know is that Belgrade was not what I expected, and I left disappointed.

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Europe, Italy

Back in 2015 I traveled alone for the first time. I spent an entire month backpacking Italy, and Florence had been on my bucket list my entire life. I fell madly in love with this magic city, so by the time I had to leave I made the promise I would be back to Florence one day. Never really thought I would be able to go back so soon, but after a year I was back in Florence and ready to eat all the pasta and gelato and feel like an Italian again.

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Last year I stayed at a hostel for the first time while backpacking Europe alone for three months. I had no idea what to expect, but if you take one or two really crappy hostels I stayed at, I fell in love with the hostel experience. I loved how I could stay in these amazing places for as little as 5€ and I would even wake up to breakfast right at the common area without having to take off my pajamas. I loved how it didn’t feel awkward to share a room with ten other people. I loved how I could just make a new friend by saying hello or good morning from my own bed.

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Europe, Slovenia


I went back to Slovenia only to finally visit Lake Bled. I basically did the exact same route as last year, getting a bus from Florence all the way to Ljubljana, an 8h bus that is not that bad and time pretty much flies. Once I passed that boarder into Slovenia I had tears in my eyes. There’s something about this country that seems to bring me back to life, that seems to bring joy back into my life, and if just passing the boarder once made me happy, doing it the second time was even more emotional.

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I’ve never been the luckiest traveler out there, and the first time I backpacked alone was also the time I realized my travels would never be as easy as other travel bloggers paint it to be. During my travels, until last year, I had twisted ankles, lost buses and trains, gotten ripped-off, had my bank cancelling a card with all my money, had my credit card and ID stolen at a party hostel, had almost slept in the streets and so on. Life had not been easy. Still, this time around I thought maybe all the bad stuff happened because I was a newbie at the traveling thing. This time I knew what to expect and everything was going to be smooth, right? WRONG!

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