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That time I slept on the hostel’s sofa because I got scared

I was in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and crazy happy for being back to a city I had fallen in love with a year before. I had just left from my new favorite hostel, Hostel Tresor, and life seemed pretty good. I picked up my bags, had a sad goodbye from an amazing hostel experience and went to check in at a difference hostel, farther away from the city center, which at the time didn’t bother me – it’s a small city, so fine by me.


I arrived at my new hostel and the reception is inside a pub. Can you picture a 5’3 girl storming in a pub with two giant backpacks? All eyes on me of course. I walk to the girl and say I want to check-in. She looks at me kind of confused and asks if I have a reservation. I can see by her looks that she doesn’t have a girl arriving today on her reservation system. She tells me to wait, then calls me back in and we go to the reception. She tells me she doesn’t know what the problem is, but they don’t have my reservation there. Oh boy, here we go!

I go in search for the email I had sent a month ago, and I show it to her. She calls the manager, I assume, and by the time she hangs up the phone I know good news are not on the way. She says the woman I had talked on the phone forgot I was coming on these dates and that I can stay there for the night (my stay was for two nights), but the next day they are closing the hostel. Oh, lucky me! My eyes go wide open and I start to worry. So, I will be taken to another hostel the next morning. My fourth hostel in Ljubljana in less than a week, if you are not seeing the problem here. Everything going (not) smooth, as always.

The receptionist takes me to the room, it’s a 4 bed-dorm, and she tells me I can choose any bed because I’m alone in the room. Perfect! After two weeks traveling non-stop, having a room to myself for a night might just be what I need to have a good night sleep. Still, the door of the room doesn’t lock, and the idea of anyone being able to get inside the room doesn’t give me much comfort. The first time I exited the room the knob falls off and is now in my hand. Did this really just happen? About an hour later, the door opens and a giant man of about 1,90m comes in. The receptionist comes right after. I guess I’m not alone in the room after all.

Now, I’ve stayed in 30+ hostels, I’ve been in dorms turning into a Korean girls party, I’ve stayed in rooms where I was the only girl, more times than I can count, I’ve even been the only person in the entire hostel more than once. What never happened was staying in a tiny room alone with a man. Before you call me a baby, if you have been to hostels you know that sometimes things happen and that’s just the way it is, so pardon me if I freaked out with the fact I was about to sleep in a dark room, with a giant weird looking man who I had never seen in my life. The simple fact the hostel doesn’t have a 24h reception and that there’s nobody here to help in case of need makes it all worse.

I thought I could get over it, that it was just initial fear, but that when I got really sleepy I would just turn the other way and sleep like I always do. Still, the fear kicked in like never before. It was 1am and I was almost asleep when the guy came back in the room. I was sleeping on the bed by the window. There’s another single bed just 0,5m away from me and a bunk bed across the room. And that’s when he decides to lay in the bed right next to mine. I am not over reacting when I say it was that close to me. It was an arm away from my bed. If I wasn’t freaked out enough, he turns off my light. Yes, MY light! Suddenly it’s all too dark, my thoughts are all over the place, ‘I can’t do this’, I get up, grab my computer and storm out of the room.

It’s now 3am, and I can’t seem to gain the courage to go back in the room and sleep there. Everything is just too strange and I don’t feel safe or comfortable. So, I’m sitting on a sofa at the entrance of what was suppose to be my room, writing this post, and I already made peace with the fact I’d rather sleep on this sofa than try to sleep in the room with the strange man. Right now I can hear him snore from here.

In a few hours I will have to pack my things, again, check-in another hostel in the city, walk to the bus station to buy my ticket to Zagreb, and explore pretty much half the city, work on the blog like a crazy person because I have too much to write, and all that with the wish of seeing a comfortable bed to finally close my eyes and sleep. Want to say I’m on vacation again? Didn’t think so.

In the morning I was found sleeping on the sofa by the manager. She looked really confused. Way to meet the person who decided to host your stay at her hostel, ahm? I explained the situation, saying I had one of those moments that I just got scared, sometimes it just happens! I went to my room and the guy had already left. On my bed there was an apology note that I really appreciate, even if I don’t think it was his fault at all. Turns out he was just a nice guy! I really just got scared and made a decision in order to feel safer and comfortable (my back and neck didn’t like my decision very much).

Did you ever had a weird situations staying at a hostel? Or maybe a time you didn’t feel safe? Share your stories below! 

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