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The roller coaster of living in a new country


Moving to Switzerland was one of the best ideas I ever had! The experience and the things I’ve learned are something I’ll always carry with me. Do you know what the best part was? Feeling Independent!! Even though I depended on my mother financially, I had no one in my house asking me “where are you going”, “where have you been?”. On that matter I was independent as all decisions were mine to take with no interference or comments from others.

Of course I was not at all alone, I was with my (ex)boyfriend who stood by my side for 3 months as we lived in Lugano, Switzerland. It’s was a time of learning and adaptation, either for myself as a person, either for our relationship.

This experience taught me a lot: that I CAN survive on my own (though if Pedro wasn’t there I would probably have starved to death since I’m the worst cook on the planet), that there’s nothing better than getting to a place we don’t know and just go out and discovery every inch of it by foot. I’ve learned how to save my money when it’s not much, I’ve learned how to be a housewife (a bad one!) after a lot of mistakes of course and mostly I’ve learned how to not be afraid to take a chance and face the unknown!
10847833_790622227678298_3965197355435161019_nThere are a million things no one tells you and that you wish you knew before you go, but that’s where the fun is! It’s in getting obstacles everyday and overcoming them, it’s in getting lost, losing your mind, crying if you have to, overcoming your fears and yourself! It’s about doing WHAT YOU WANT despite what other people think or said about you.

After all this time, I see my move to Switzerland as A ROLLER COASTER, with a million ups and downs, but a time that I now miss because I guess you can only appreciate something when you loose it, or in this case, when your away from that reality. And even with the bad times Lugano made me go throw, the good memories are the ones that keep popping in my head and making me nostalgic. I think I will miss my Switzerland home for a while, since the house was so good with a balcony and a view and all, and because it was the first time I got the taste of what my life will be after I leave my parents home.

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